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Keep Your Home Address Private

There are many reasons buyers don’t want their names associated with their home address. Certainly, celebrities or professional athletes aren’t eager to give up their home info, nor are public officials, police officers, or survivors of domestic abuse. In fact, the same applies to any homeowner who finds it unnerving that anyone with Google access can find their home address.

Whether it’s a matter of privacy or personal safety and security, keeping exactly where you live away from prying eyes is possible. And hiding a real estate purchase is available to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. Do you not want your name to pop up when someone searches real estate records? Here’s how to hide your home purchase.

Ask around in your network

It’s likely someone in your personal or professional circle has faced privacy issues when buying a home. So ask your various contacts for recommendations for real estate professionals. Then ask those agents about their experience in keeping purchases private. Buyers who are looking for confidentiality should work with agents that show that they are taking steps to safeguard their clients and clients’ information from the very beginning. Agents have fiduciary obligations that require them to ensure, among other things, confidentiality, obedience, care, and loyalty to the client. That’s just the legal and ethical side of it. And if they are speaking about other clients freely to you in detail, they are likely doing the same about you. You should not trust that agent. So chat with real estate professionals in your area, and discuss your privacy concerns. Be sure you feel comfortable and confident in their ability to guide you through the buying process. Having the wrong person can skew your entire purchase.