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What to Do If the Square Footage is Wrong on Your House

The square footage of your home is an important specification for valuation purposes, but sometimes the appraiser’s calculation of your property’s square footage differs from the square footage used in your tax assessment. Here’s what to do in that situation.

How to Determine if the Square Footage is Inaccurate

You should start by requesting to see your home’s property card from your county’s department of assessment. Many cities and counties allow you to look it up online. Make sure that any recent (permitted) additions are included in the records.

Here’s how to calculate the square footage of your home on your own, without the help of a professional appraiser. You might want to try that first to make sure the square footage is really off, before contacting a professional. Keep in mind that below grade spaces (like a finished basement) do not usually count toward a home’s square footage.

Reasons for Appraisal Square Footage Discrepancy